My 10 cutest animals

A nice and short post today: just my list of the 10 cutest animals!

10) Lambs


Photo credit: Ben_Kerckx @ pixabay

I used to run past a field of sheep. During lambing season, they produced so many lovely small and fluffy lambs!

9) Pandas


Photo credit: skeeze @pixabay

I had the pleasure of seeing a live panda at Beijing Zoo when I visited in 2012. They really are lazy!

8) Squirrels


Photo credit: LoggaWiggler @ pixabay

My garden this year has been the host of many visiting squirrels.

7) Raccoons


Photo credit: HNBS @ pixabay

Look at that derpy face! 😛

6) Greyhounds


Photo credit: KlausHausmann @ pixabay

Mum and I had a greyhound for several years. Toffee, he was called. The calmest and sweetest dog I’ve every met.

5) Cats


Photo credit: Alexas_Fotos @ pixabay

I had a cat once. I called it Obi Wan Kenobi. No wonder mum never let me have another one!

4) Ducks


Photo credit: Couler @ pixabay

Ducks are so cute, they make me wish I had a pond.

3) Otters


Photo credit: Stevebidmead @ pixabay

Otters, the lovers of the river.

2) Hedgehogs


Photo credit: amayaeguizabal @ pixabay

Coming from a rural village, I’ve come across many hedgehogs in my garden. I’ve become so attached, I’ve begun developing a collection of mini hedgehog statues!

1) Pugs


Photo credit: mayatoo @ pixabay

Since being bought a pug calendar a couple of years back, I just can’t get over how cute they are. When I get a place of my own, I want to get a pug and call him Norman.

Thanks to Jamie Nuttall for the suggestion of a pug related post!